Sludge or grinding swarf

You can sell us tungsten carbide cuttings (hard alloy cuttings):

  • waste after hard alloys grinding;
  • powder-like tungsten waste from carbide tools sharpening, gas-purification;
  • cuttings tungsten/nickel and tungsten/iron/nickel;
  • hard alloy cuttings;
  • waste after tungsten/nickel and tungsten/iron/nickel grinding;
  • hard alloy chips;
  • chips tungsten/nickel and tungsten/iron/nickel.

For accurate price determination of tungsten-carbide cuttings it is important to know how much tungsten it contains. Please contact us and we quickly provide precise information on the purchase price.

You can contact us right now if you have cuttings with high or low tungsten content, wet and dry. We buy any cuttings with tungsten content of 90% and with tungsten content of 15%. If you sell exactly tungsten carbide cuttings - send us your offer in the application form..


You do not need to go anywhere, we solve all logistical issues. We arrive, pay and take away Your tungsten carbide cuttings. Your application for the tungsten waste sale,
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