We buy Your scrap and hard alloy waste

We buy Your scrap and hard alloy waste:

  • tungsten carbide inserts;
  • plates – replaceable, soldered, chipbreaking, for wood cutting;
  • end tools: drills, milling cutters, broaches, reamers;
  • broaches, blades, worn tungsten carbide inserts, carbide-tungsten replaceable parts, insert tungsten carbide cutter teeth and other
  • hard alloys of grades: tungsten-cobalt, tungsten-cobalt + titanium tungsten cobalt with or without solder;
  • • alloy scrap: tungsten/nickel and tungsten/iron/nickel, metal tungsten scrap (scrap of bars, rods, wire), waste received from grinding of hard alloy products (grinding waste with tungsten content not less than 15%);
  • worn products - for punches, tungsten carbide burs;
  • • disk-shaped tools and other.

We are also interested in any offers of tungsten carbide parts with attached iron: tungsten carbide three-cutters, tungsten carbide tools for trench digging machines, tungsten carbide cutting inserts.


You do not need to go anywhere, we solve all logistical issues. We arrive, pay and take away Your worn-out tools.


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